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6-8th Grade

What’s Up: Discovering the Gospel, Jesus, and Who You REALLY Are will take our middle schoolers on a journey of why the Gospel really is good news! Published by New Growth Press, authors Harrell and Klumpenhower have produced a student workbook that includes illustrations, stories and activities to take your child through questions of identity and purpose. Targeting the middle school heart, students explore and wrestle together with the desperate need we all have, to lean on Jesus as he makes us into who we really should be. This study is presented from a Protestant bent but does not seek to convince students of one particular denominational viewpoint.


Learn, Explore, and Create! In this exciting art class, middle schoolers will go on a creative adventure as they explore various art forms and materials. Students will learn about the elements and principles of art including line, value, texture, color, balance, rhythm, and more. As they work on both 2 and 3 dimensional art projects, students will apply the skills taught to create wonderful works of art. Students will be exposed to many different art materials including charcoal, paint, oil pastels, watercolor, and more. Various artists and art periods will be highlighted throughout the year broadening their knowledge and enriching their minds. 


World Music Drumming

A unique classroom music experience, this cross-cultural curriculum explores so much more than just drums! Students develop communication skills, practice listening and cooperative teamwork, and respect for others as they work in small and large drum ensembles. Lessons explore African and South American cultures through learning various drumming traditions, how to play other percussion equipment, performing in drum ensembles that explore interesting, layered rhythms, coordinating music with movement and song, creating new drum ensembles, and much more. Tucked into this active learning class are lessons that include geography, vocabulary, short cultural videos, and bringing traditional folk stories to life! This class works best with larger numbers and includes 3rd-5th and 6th-8th grades. Students will be required to try new things and regularly participate in class.

Physical Education and Health

PE is back with a new twist! This combination class will include Volleyball, body conditioning, and an 8 week health unit. Students, from beginners to experienced, will enjoy learning and building volleyball skills and playing this team sport with their peers. Lessons will be interspersed with cardio, body weight resistance, and relay drills. During the winter months, students will embark on an 8 week health unit, from Horizon's Health Curriculum. This health unit will focus on emotional health topics, and help students form a positive and true picture of who they are. Students will learn about self worth, mental health awareness, healthy ways to deal with stress and emotions, and how to make good decisions. The goal of this class is to provide students with physical activity, sport skills, and knowledge about emotional health. This class will be a great opportunity for students to exercise and have fun with their friends.

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