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6-8th Grade

World Cultures and Missions

Get ready to dive into World Cultures and Missions! Middle school students will explore world cultures and how they impact mission work around the world. Seven countries will be represented. Students will be exposed to several cultural aspects common to all societies such as family, class, religion, etiquette, food, music and more. Topics will also naturally include geography, history, and social studies. Students will learn about missions in the countries being studied with a specific missionary being highlighted. Truly immersive, this course also offers enriching cultural activities such as playing international games, listening to music, creating crafts, and sharing food from the countries they study. 


Learn, Explore, and Create! In this new art class, middle schoolers will go on a creative adventure as they explore various art forms and materials. Several different units will be taught including printmaking, sculpture, mixed media art, puppetry art, and more. Various artists will be highlighted throughout the course. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to use new materials, apply new techniques, and create wonderful works of art. 


Music: Bells

Middle school students in 6-8th grades will make music class this year! We will use Foncannon’s Boom-a-Tunes, vol. 2 curriculum with pitched bells. No prior music experience is required. Students ring bells to play their way through fun, great-sounding music, learning new things and creating bright sounds with their classmates. Music reading on the treble clef is reviewed, but volume two takes the class further into the beginnings of stacking basic chords in root position. The fundamental meters of 4/4 and 3/4 continue but the new meter of 6/8 is introduced as well. As the course progresses, students are challenged to count rests and ring their bell on the correct beat, and to keep a close read of the musical staff and only play when their bell pitch is indicated. 


Fresh, upbeat, creative accompaniment encourages students to be a part of something bigger than themselves as they play their parts along with the CD and their classmates. Designed to meet the national standards for music education, volume 2 lessons review the foundations of music, then introduce the next level of music skills and knowledge. Learning activities include singing, performing on an instrument, improvising melodies, variations and accompaniments, composing and arranging music within guidelines, reading and notating music, analyzing music, and connecting music to history, the arts, and other disciplines.

Physical Education and Health

PE is back with a new twist! This combination class will include several different units. Students will enjoy Volleyball, Kickball, and a unique and easy-to-learn dance unit that correlates to the World Cultures and Missions class. Nutrition health will be taught over the course of five lessons. The goal of this class is to provide students with physical activity, sport skills, knowledge about nutrition health, and explore cultural dance. This class will be a great opportunity for students to exercise and have fun with their friends.

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