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About Our Cooperative

Who We Are


Harbor is a community of homeschool families that come together every Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. throughout the school year to learn together and encourage each other. We meet at Dunkirk Baptist Church in Dunkirk, MD.  Harbor is not a drop off or a tutorial, we are a parent-led cooperative in which a parent is required to stay on site with their child and contribute. Members contribute in various ways, which may include teaching a class, assisting, being on a planning committee, being a part of the set-up team, organizing field trips, and more. We encourage our parents to use the skills and gifts God has given them in order to enrich our group.  

What We Offer

At Harbor we offer a full day program of courses that will supplement your schooling at home. In elementary and middle school we teach state required classes many of which are often hard to get to, or sometimes difficult to teach at home such as Art, Music, Science, Health and PE.  At Harbor we value the opportunity for students to study the Bible with their peers and include it in every grade level program. The middle school program also includes an elective that changes yearly. Some past electives have included STEM, World Cultures and Missions, Mapping the World, and Drama. Our classes are designed to be fun, rich, and engaging.  

Our high school program is designed to offer collaborative learning opportunities for subjects best suited for group learning, such as STEM, Bible Apologetics, Model UN, Intro to Filmmaking, and more. Our high school courses will provide your teens with the opportunity for rich discussions, teamwork, and a solid friend group, all while enhancing your at-home program. High school classes can count towards credit hours if you choose to supplement with additional assignments and homework. 

Harbor is all about community! We offer many community building events including field trips, holiday parties, potlucks, mom's meet ups, Field Day, End of Year Showcase and graduation celebrations. We've even gone on a mission trip together!


Our Goal

Our goal is to create a community of families who are like-minded and steadfast in their Christian faith, so that our children have a safe place to make friends while learning from adults and peers in a group environment. 

Why We Do It

Friends, Fun, and Learning!  

Harbor is about making lasting friendships, growing together, and learning together. We strive to stay connected with each other to help build one another up and offer support. Our heart's desire is to create a group culture of a committed community. We want to travel on this homeschooling journey together!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to strive to enhance your homeschool week, offering academic and social fellowship. We offer engaging programs that are designed to enrich your home curriculum with collaborative learning opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an encouraging community for Christian homeschooling families and provide opportunities to further train their children to be Kingdom Ambassadors, honoring God, His creation, and His people.

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