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K-2nd Grade


Bible time will be the start of the day for our K-2nd grade students. Each morning, students will be encouraged in their faith with a short devotion prepared especially for them. These devotions will include a featured virtue of the month, learning hymns, and making global connections as they learn about missionaries around the world.


Fun, happiness and creating, the hallmarks of our K-2 Art program! In this exciting and colorful class, students will be introduced to creative art projects using a variety of materials. They will learn how to think like an artist, handle art materials, and use elements of art such as line, shape, and form, in their projects. Materials that will delight their hands include, watercolors, paints, pastels and more. Their imaginations and creativity will be sparked as they explore art and learn about a variety of skills. 



K-2 students will enjoy a music class that actively engages them in basic music concepts through singing, playing games that reinforce lesson concepts, and playing a variety of instruments such as drums, rhythm sticks, boomwhackers, xylophones, and more. This class will expose your young learner to music fundamentals such as beat vs. rhythm, loud and soft dynamics, fast and slow tempos, and high and low pitch. Students will learn to count basic rhythms, compose simple melodies to play on a pitched instrument, and work on matching pitch to find their singing voices.


We are excited to offer a foundational science course for our Kindergarten through second graders this year. Using The Good and Beautiful: Science for Little Hearts and Hands, Wind and Waves curriculum, we aim to either lighten your load and cover this sometimes hard-to-fit-in subject, or supplement your at-home science program. In this well designed and gentle science class, students will learn about God's amazing creation with a focus on water, wind, and waves. Through stories, videos, and hands-on activities, they will learn about rain, waves, rainbows, the water cycle, and more.

Physical Education and Health

Our Physical Education and Health class will focus on fitness being fun!  We will burn off energy and have a great time with others by incorporating different interactive games.  A portion of the games include aspects from various sports for example: four-square, Frisbee golf, four-square volleyball, and doctor dodgeball. We will also incorporate general games and stretching that allow us to have fun and move our bodies. In this combination class we will include health lessons that will teach students about playing well with others, sharing, kindness, all about emotions and more. This class will be a great opportunity to exercise, develop team building skills, cover health topics, and have fun with friends.


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