9th-12th Grade Program

Our High School Bible class will use the curriculum, So What? Relating Faith to Life, and Life to Faith. 

This program engages teens by answering their questions biblically and teaching them how it applies to them. They will answer questions like  how can I talk to others, and what does it all mean? They will use a modified inductive Bible study approach: observation, interpretation, and application, while learning how to read scripture to get the answers they crave. 


High School  Art students will continue to be challenged through the Artistic Pursuits curriculum and specifically chosen art projects that will enhance artistic growth and learning. Art will be explored through artist studies and creating advanced level artwork. Students will focus on refining drawing skills, becoming proficient with perspective drawing, and creating abstract and representational sculptures while learning about form, composition, and creative expression through the use of mixed media. Additional study and artwork can be completed at home to achieve credit for this class.

Course credit: 1/2 hour in Art 

We're excited to offer Model United Nations this year. MUN will be a highly interactive class that involves simulation of committees, debates, and activities of the real United Nations. It will be student directed, allowing students to role play as United Nations delegates. MUN students will actively research, debate, problem‐solve, write proposals, and ultimately vote on resolutions and amendments pertaining to world situations. The course will provide all background material needed as we strive to cover 4 topics covering past and current world issues. Students will exercise many useful skills throughout this course, including: public speaking, research, critical thinking, problem solving, persuasive arguments, negotiations, diplomatic, and leadership skills.  Additional research and writing assignments can be completed at home to make this class a full social science credit in Global Diplomacy or Modern World Affairs.  

Course credit:  1 hour in Social Science, Global Diplomacy, or Modern World Affairs 

We will enrich our high school students with Music Appreciation using Dr. Carol Reynolds’ curriculum, Discovering Music: 300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History and Culture. From what promises to be a dynamic presentation of stepping through history from just before 1600 through 1914, the edge of World War I, students see the “big picture” of Western culture. Dr. Reynolds’ course will take the class through the history of music, but as part of the larger story connected to the arts, sciences, and world events. This curriculum includes lively DVD lectures on location when possible, seeing paintings, maps, graphics, and hearing and seeing the making of music. Students become familiar with music vocabulary, the skill of detailed listening and how to communicate about music, as well as prominent composers and a sampling of their works. Each person will receive a student workbook with lecture guides, glossaries, listening exercises, projects and more. This class is designed to extend into a full credit should the student complete the lecture series, projects, tests and quizzes.

Course credit: 1 hour in Fine Art


Location: Friendship Community Baptist Church

                              37 Jewell Road

                          Dunkirk, MD  20754