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3rd - 5th Grade


Bible will be the start of the day for our 3-5th grade students. Each morning after opening, students  will be encouraged in their faith with a short devotion prepared especially for them. These devotions take different forms as the Lord leads, sometimes focusing on one piece of scripture, a series on a Psalm, or a Biblical theme investigated through specific Bible stories and people. ​



Our Art students will be working from a combination of the Artistic Pursuits curriculum and art projects specifically chosen to enhance their learning. As they create wonderful works of art they will learn how to incorporate different elements such as color, line, shape, balance, space and form. Classmates will create art side-by-side with their peers, using various techniques and mediums including art pastels, paint, watercolors, clay, and more. Projects will be taught with the added depth of context, culture, and history, while highlighting specific artists. 


This year 3-5th students will get to learn the recorder! We will use the fun and motivational curriculum, Recorder Karate, by Barb Philipak. No prior music experience required. Students learn not only how to play and care for the recorder, but how to read music and count basic rhythms. As we play our way through the book, students earn different colored “Karate” belts that they can proudly display on the bell of their recorder foot joint. This program gets students playing quickly, and with the satisfying reward of playing along with their peers, as well as to a wonderful CD accompaniment. 


Sharks, reptiles, rainbows and more! This year we are excited to offer two engaging units of Science from The Good and the Beautiful, Marine Biology and Weather and Water. Students will love learning about the ocean, coral reefs, marine life, fish, sharks, and reptiles. They will also learn about weather, climate, seasons, the water cycle, the atmosphere, clouds and much more. Students will enjoy learning through hands-on activities, fun science experiments, videos, and with beautiful imagery. Each student will have their own science journal for both units of study which will serve as a memorable record of their learning.


Physical Education and Health

Our Physical Education and Health class will focus on fitness being fun!  We will burn off energy and have a great time with others by incorporating different interactive games.  A portion of the games include aspects from various sports for example: four-square, Frisbee golf, four-square volleyball, and doctor dodgeball. We will also incorporate general games and stretching that allow us to have fun and move our bodies. In this combination class we will include eight health lessons that will teach students about how to keep their bodies healthy. Lessons covered will be taken from topics such as nutrition, hygiene, germs and others. This class will be a great opportunity to exercise, develop team building skills, cover health topics, and have fun with friends.

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