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Membership and Fees

Harbor is about making lasting friendships and growing together. Our heart's desire is to create a group culture of a committed community. Joining a cooperative is an important decision. Our membership process will help ensure we are a good fit for your family.
If you are interested in joining Harbor, we require that you attend an Information Session. These in-person meetings help you gain a clear understanding of Harbor, how the co-op works, and if it will be a good addition to your homeschooling.  

After attending an Information Session, if you'd like to join Harbor, you may request a new member application. An administration fee of $50 will be required upon submission. All new applicants must submit to a background check, sign the statement of faith agreement, and take part in a pre-enrollment interview, where we will get to know one another better to ensure we are a good fit.

Family Program Fees

  • Annual Fees per Family

    • Administration Fee due with application: $50​

    • ​Family Membership Fee: $225


Nursery - 8th Grade

  • Nursery - 8th Grade Annual Per Student Fee: 

    • Nursery - Free with Pre-K-12th grade sibling enrollment

    • Pre-K: $175

    • K-2: $175

    • 3-5: $200

    • 6-8: $250                                 

(Annual student fees cover all class supplies and student supplies for Nursery - 8th grade programs.)           

High School

  • Required for Admission to the High School Program:

    • Enrollment in Bible + the addition of one full year course, or 2 one-semester courses​:

  • ​Course Fees:

    • Bible: $75

    • STEM: $125​ (full year)

    • Art: $100 (full year)

    • Volleyball​: $50 (one semester)

    • Drug Awareness: $50 (one semester)

(Student textbooks and classroom supplies will be provided by Harbor. Students will be responsible for bringing basic student supplies specified by their teachers.)

  • Parents enrolling only high school students are expected to contribute to Harbor in one of three ways:

    • Time: Help clean the facility weekly from 1:30-2:30 p.m.

    • Talent: Stay on site for the co-op day each week and serve in various needed roles

    • Treasure: Pay the annual drop-off fee to support our community efforts.

      • $150 annual fee for one high school student; $75 for each additional high school student

 (Weekly drop off option is available for families with only high schoolers attending. See additional policies in Handbook regarding HS drop off.)  

Note: All High School courses have a minimum amount of required students. If that minimum is not met, a class may be canceled. In the event of a cancelation you will be reimbursed for the course.

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