6-8th Grade Program

This year our middle school students will begin a three-year adventure through the Bible. In Grapevine Studies' unique curriculum, Stick Figure Through the Bible, students will draw their way through a biblical timeline.  As they take a fresh look at the people and events of the Bible, they will create their own hand-drawn biblical  timeline. Students will also learn how to use a concordance and a Bible dictionary to develop the skills necessary to become an independent student of the Word.

Fall 2019 will begin an exciting adventure in Music! We will experience music and cultures through world drumming. Students in grades 6th-8th and 3rd-5th will come together in this class to explore the sound and feel of rhythm through the drumming cultures of Africa and South America. The class will be divided into smaller groups, each learning to drum a different rhythm. Rhythmic lines are then played together as an entire drumming class for a stimulating and fascinating polyrhythmic experience. Suitable for students with a wide range of experience, including those with no experience in music.

Our Middle School students will continue to be challenged through the Artistic Pursuits curriculum. This year in Art, students will focus on color and composition through the art of watercolor. Students will also enjoy working with their hands, constructing sculptures from various materials.  Artists from around the world will be highlighted, including works by Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges De La Tour, and Picasso.  A variety of materials will be used throughout the year including watercolors, paper making tools, cardboard, paper mâché, and wire.

Our Theater program is designed to introduce students to the different aspects of a theatrical presentation. We will use drama games, class discussions, and assignments to grow the student's acting skills while concurrently producing a short play. Students who are not interested in acting will have the option of  designing costumes, sets, and props for the production and working as stagehands. We will work together to find the perfect spot for each student. 

Location: Friendship Community Baptist Church

                              37 Jewell Road

                          Dunkirk, MD  20754