6-8th Grade Program

This year our middle school students will continue their three-year adventure through the Bible. In Grapevine Studies' unique curriculum, Stick Figure Through the Bible, students will draw their way through a biblical timeline.  As they take a fresh look at the people and events of the Bible, they will create their own hand-drawn biblical  timeline. Students will also learn how to use a concordance and a Bible dictionary to develop the skills necessary to become an independent student of the Word.

Lego STEAM! Yes, we said Lego. Students will be working as young scientists, engineers, and designers with the Lego education Simple and Powered Machines curriculum. They will be working in pairs to build simple machines, as well as creating solutions for various challenges. The activities follow Lego Education’s 4C approach: Connect, Construct, Contemplate, and Continue. Students will learn about a specific machine, construct it with their building partner, then they will discuss, make predictions, reflect, record, and present their findings. To further their learning, students will be encouraged to take their findings a step further with open ended challenge activities.

Our Middle School students will continue to be challenged through the Artistic Pursuits curriculum. This year in Art students will focus on improving their skills of observation while refining drawing skills and technique. Students will enjoy working with a variety of materials while creating wonderful works of art. They will study various artists and continue learning about different time periods and influences in Art history.

Our students are excited to have PE and Health continued into the middle school rotation. PE is one of our most loved classes. In this fun and energetic PE/Health class, students will focus on conditioning while also exercising and working on team building skills through a variety of sports and games. Health will be taught during the colder months, for approximately 8 weeks, and will cover a variety of health topics.


Location: Friendship Community Baptist Church

                              37 Jewell Road

                          Dunkirk, MD  20754